The Pivot Roulette System

While playing roulette online, the Pivot roulette system recognizes that the same occurrence of numbers are going to repeat within a shorter period of time, such as over a period of 36 spins, an average of 24 numbers are likely to come up.

A physical casino would provide you with a pencil and a pad, by using them you need to record the number that comes out, because the game of roulette contributes itself to playing the Pivot roulette system. While playing roulette online, there is no need for you to note things down since there is a tote board which displays the numbers that have been selected. You should always keep an eye on the number that comes out more than once. If you see the first one repeating you can assign it as your Pivot number.

The Pivot roulette system is a strategy of playing the game of roulette if you think about it and makes playing in physical casinos easier because of the conditions. Before placing your initial bet on the number that repeats, it is advised that you record and observe the numbers closely. You cannot observe and need to play, in the case of roulette at an online casino. Therefore it is suggested for you to play even bets, simultaneously keeping your losses at a minimum, and wait patiently until you notify your pivot number and then place larger bets accordingly.

The Pivot roulette system is a very simple system to follow. All you need to do is place the same bet on the pivot number for a period of 36 spins, and continue to do so until you either win or lose all the 36 spins. The best part is when your pivot number strikes at a particular point, you are confirmed about a profit or at least a break even, keeping in mind that there are chances of your pivot number to strike at least once out of 36 times. Therefore, the Pivot roulette system will keep you away from losing money unless and until you have a very bad day.