Video Poker Hand Ranking

Video poker is a game of strategy that combines the classic gameplay of favorite poker variations with the setting of slot machines. Players should study video poker hand ranking before playing in order to know what their goals are. Here is the video poker hand ranking from worst to best:

• High Card - If a player is unsuccessful in making any of the hands below, the hand is sometimes judged by the highest card held.
• One Pair - This occurs when a player accumulates a single pair of cards with the same face value. Higher valued pairs pay out more than those with lower values.
• Two Pairs - When a player is able to build a hand with two pairs of cards having the same face value, the hand is scored higher than a hand with a single pair.
• Three of a Kind - Even better than two pairs, a three of a kind is a collection of three cards with the same face value. The higher the card value, the higher the payout.
• Straight - A straight is five cards consecutively numbered and of different suits. A straight is paid out according to its highest card.
• Flush - A player completes a flush with five cards of the same suit that are not consecutively numbered. Again, this hand is paid out according to the highest card in the flush.
• Full House - A combination of a three of a kind and a pair results in a full house. The highest cards win the highest payouts.
• Four of a Kind - Four of a kind follows the same path as pairs; players who successfully obtain four cards with the same face value are paid out according to their values.
• Straight Flush - This hand is a combination of a straight and a flush. Players must collect five consecutively numbered cards of the same suit.
• Royal Flush - The most coveted hand in video poker; it is obtained by collecting all five cards from 10 to Ace in the same suit. This hand garners the highest payout in the game.

Video poker hand ranking is very important to determining how much money a player can ultimately earn at the game. Players should study these rankings and do their best to obtain one of the best on the list in order to win big at online video poker.